Zoo Pics

Mar 25, 2008 by Janine |
It seems like ages ago that we went to Miami Metrozoo. I've finally got around to working on some of the pics.

We went mainly to see the new reptile exhibit. There were lots of snakes, and my favorite was the Gaboon Viper.

This alligator snapping turtle looks a lot more sinister without flash.

With Flash:

Lemur, lounging.

These pigs gave us a laugh

Evening bathtime for the tigers.


Mar 21, 2008 by Janine |
Thanks all for the well wishes. The move went ok, there were no major issues at least. I am still aching all over. We even got some of the guys from work to help, couldn't have done it without them.
We look out over a lake and can see lots of turtles swimming about. There is a fallen branch in the water that attracts a lot of waterfowl, and a moorhen uses it as a night roost. There is also a family of crows building a nest in a nearby tree.
I havent been out anywhere to take pictures for a few weeks and its making me sad. There is still a lot of "nest feathering" to be done around here but I am planning an outing for next weekend.
Now, time to relax with a stiff drink!


Mar 06, 2008 by Janine |
Thanks all for the birthday wishes and lovely cards!

We are moving next week so I won't be around much. :(

Last week's photo adventure was a lot of fun. Didnt see as much wildlife as I had hoped, but it was a cool and sunny day and it was great to have some quiet time.

As promised, a bear! At the zoo, not wild, but theres always next time!

Sunrise at the entrance to Big Cypress

We saw tons of Red Shouldered Hawks along powerlines and roadsides.

I still have tons of pics to go through. Hopefully in a couple weeks we will be settled in and I can catch up!

Back soon!

Back Online

Mar 02, 2008 by Janine |
I am mostly up and running now. Still have to work on the pictures from last week's adventure. Here are some from a couple of weeks ago at Everglades.

I came across these Red-Shouldered Hawks eating snakes:

The Great Horned Owl baby at the visitor's center has grown up fast!

We watched this cormorant swallow a walking catfish at the Anhinga Trail.

This gator looked very relaxed in the evening sun.

Our favorite sunset spot:

Thats all for now. I have an extremely hectic week ahead but will try and get the rest up soon.

Tomorrow is my Birthday!