flying birds, sunset

Sep 27, 2008 by Janine |
Some shots from the past couple of weeks:

Black-bellied whistling duck at Green Cay

Osprey at the beach

Green Cay moonrise

Green Cay sunset

In other news, hoping to finalize our move shortly. The first couple of places we were interested in fell through so fingers crossed for this one! Otherwise things going well, settling in a bit at the new job and really enjoying it. Looking forward to cooler weather and the return of migrant birds.

Mostly Non-butterflies

Sep 20, 2008 by Janine |
Ive finally had some time to work on some photos today. Between my commute and searching for a new place to live I have no free time during the week. But I am really enjoying the new job so all is well :)

Butterfly world photos continued...

And now, a gentle transition to non-butterflies:

Butterfly World

Sep 13, 2008 by Janine |
Last week we went to Butterfly World. The park consists of gardens and aviaries, home to hummingbirds, finches, warblers, honeycreepers, and other tiny birds, as well as butterflies moths, koi, parrots, and a "bug house".

I took over 300 pictures and have not gone through them all yet, but here are a few I have done so far:

In other news, I started the new job last week. I think I will be very happy there once I settle in, so far everything is going great. The commute is a drag, but hopefully we will be moving soon.

More photos to come!

Pinecrest Gardens

Sep 06, 2008 by Janine |
The site that now houses Pinecrest Gardens was once home to Parrot Jungle, a famous Miami attraction. The original Parrot Jungle was opened in 1936 by Franz Scherr, and the botanical garden/ wildlife park attracted millions of visitors there before relocating to Watson Island on Biscayne Bay in 2002.

The parrots and wildlife exhibits are gone but the winding paths through the original botanical gardens remain, as do the ponds and fountains which are home to carp, turtles, iguanas, ducks, and geese.

While admiring the gardens, we noticed these unusual anoles darting amongst the rocks and shrubs along the path. After some research on the internet, I believe them to be Anolis cristatellus cristatellus, the Puerto Rican Crested Anole. It was an exciting discovery because I have not yet photographed this species of anole. It is one of the numerous non-native species of lizard that has colonized South Florida. Unsurprisingly, we did not see a single native lizard during our walk.

Note crest along spine esp. on tail

Juvenile maybe

In other news, we are keeping a close eye on Hurricane Ike. The track looked very bad for us yesterday, a Category 4 headed directly for South Florida! The models have shifted the path further south and west now so for now it looks like the worst of it will miss us. Let's hope it continues on this path and also continues a trend of weakening over the next couple of days.

Orchid Gardens

Sep 03, 2008 by Janine |
We visited the American Orchid Society gardens last weekend during wind and rain from Hurricane Gustav as it passed to the south and west. It made for a more enjoyable visit, without the unrelenting heat of the August sun.

We then took a quick walk around the Wakodahatchee wetland boardwalk. The windy conditions resulted in poor birdwatching but we saw plenty of turtles and a cute baby skink.

Florida Softshell

Five Lined Skink

In other news, the storms are lining up and taking aim. Here are TS Hannah, Hurricane Ike, and TS Josephine. Image courtesy of NOAA