Flying Squirrels

Mar 28, 2009 by Janine |
First an update. The photomarathon was a lot of fun, although it was more difficult than I thought it would be to stay focused on the topics and get the shots within the allotted time. Not sure that any of my shots are winners, but its all for a good cause, and I will try to get back down to Miami for the gallery exhibition in May.

And now, Flying squirrels at Busch Wildlife Sanctuary. I have only seen them in the wild once, and they are very difficult to find, let alone photograph. These were captive, but the sign said that they are only active for an hour a day, so I was lucky to get these shots.


Burrowing Owl

Catfish gulping Air

photo-marathon and fishies

Mar 21, 2009 by Janine |
Tomorrow I am participating in a photo-marathon in Miami Beach. They give you two topics in the morning to go out and take pictures on that subject. You submit four photos on each topic, and every two hours you check in and get two new assignments, for a total of six topics. No post-processing! I've never done anything like it so wish me luck! The weather today was atrocious, wind and rain and general blah, so I really hope its better tomorrow.

Anyway, more from the Aquarium.

Georgia Aquarium is home to four whale sharks. I went on a behind the scenes tour and was able to view their enormous tank from above.

Ground level view.

These gobies were also part of the tour.

These baby Wobbegong sharks were bred at the Aquarium. They were seperated into three tanks with dark, medium, and light substrate, to show that they could change their coloring to blend in with their environment.

The tour was great because it was a break from the crowds and you get a much better view of some of the exhibits. And I have even more Aquarium pics, coming soon.

Shuttle Launch

Mar 16, 2009 by Janine |
Last night we went up to Melbourne Beach to watch the space shuttle Discovery launch (STS-119). We were about 40 miles away from Kennedy Space Center.

People cheering as the shuttle went up

About a minute after the launch, the loud rumbling sound hit the beach, amid more cheering.

The shuttle continues on to space (right), and the two solid rocket boosters fall toward the Atlantic (left).

It was awesome.

Jellies, Suckers, and Crabs

Mar 09, 2009 by Janine |
The jellyfish exhibit was one of the best at the Georgia Aquarium. There was a cuttlefish tank too, which I loved, but none of the photos turned out any good.



I am not so sure I want to eat crab anymore after seeing these:

Now for a small rant. Many of the exhibits were labeled with these giant NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY signs, such as the crabs. Mostly deep water or easily spooked species. Though I wanted to get good photos, I didnt want to disturb the animals, so I didnt use flash. So it was pretty annoying when some dufus with a cheap pocket camera comes sauntering up, flashing away. Not that the type of camera he was using matters, but still. It happened more than once, with different dufuses at different tanks. To top it all off, when it happened at the octopus tank, a member of the aquarium staff came over, and I bet you can guess who he assumed was using flash. The reject with the 4.99 disposable camera, or the girl with the dslr (flash not even on). I showed him that the flash was off and he was satisfied, meanwhile the flash-happy idiot made his escape.
Rant over, more pics to follow later this week!

Snow in Atlanta

Mar 06, 2009 by Janine |
I was lucky to arrive in Atlanta early Sunday morning, just before the snow hit. An icy sort of rain was starting up just as I got to the Georgia Aquarium. A few hours later, when I was ready to walk back to my hotel, I was faced with this:

These were the first real snowmen I had ever seen. I tried my hand at making one but decided it was too cold and gave up.

This was the view outside of my hotel room, facing onto the pool deck.

It was interesting walking in the snow and ice and 30+mph winds but at least I didn't have far to go. Apparently this much snow, and staying below freezing for almost two days, is not typical for Atlanta, especially this late in the year. Being a Florida native, it was highly unusual for me. But, the weather warmed up as the week went on, which was nice. At least I got to try out some of my new cold weather gear.

Anyway I am back home safely and will be posting Aquarium pics this week, only a few hundred to sort through :)