Tallahassee lassie

Jun 28, 2009 by Janine |
Last week I went to Tallahassee, Florida's capital, for work stuff.

These days I fly a lot more, but usually on large passenger jets. This little guy was a new experience for me (the ride was not as bad as I feared, and the convenience of walking right off the plane to collect your bags is very nice indeed).

On my first evening in town, I took a quick stroll through a nearby state park- unfortunately rainclouds threatened and sunset was rapidly approaching so I didn't get to see much. I did, however, see my first Mississippi Kite through a gap in the dense tree canopy. Too far off for pictures though.

I stayed at a little B&B called "The Little English Guest House." It was quiet and comfy and there was a cute little garden.

As I was leaving early the next morning, I spied adult and juvenile bluebirds in the trees- the juvie was another first for me!

The meeting was held on a large preserve in the "Red Hills"- amid beautiful countryside and plenty of wildlife. I saw another new bird, a Red-Headed Woodpecker.

Purple martin nestboxes

I don't know what is going on with that guy on the lower right. Looks like he is flying in upside down.

Dwarf passionflower

In other news, I am not sure if I have mentioned on here before that I volunteer at a local wildlife rescue, the Folke Peterson Wildlife Center in Palm Beach. I feed orphaned baby birds on Sunday mornings and it has been the highlight of my week. Well, I was shocked and saddened to hear today that the center will be closing in about a month due to lack of funding. They are in the process of placing the animals with other facilities right now.

Good and Evil at Green Cay

Jun 21, 2009 by Janine |
My pictures for today seem to share a theme of duality. Or maybe its just me.

Grazing beside sleeping ducklings

Contemplates stealing souls as he nibbles tender greens

Least tern

Plagued by gnats (as were we)

Anhinga above

Gator below

A majestic pose

A closer look

Tadpole and Frogs

Jun 14, 2009 by Janine |
I have not posted for a couple of weeks for various reasons, the main one being that I have been insanely busy lately. Between work and all the thunderstorms I have had no chance to get out and take any photos. And one of Tadpole's babies from last year died. But I got out this weekend so here we go!

Here's Tadpole eating a mealworm.

We visited Green Cay wetlands for the first time in ages yesterday evening. Dark clouds threatened from the southwest but luckily they held off. The entrance boardwalk was crawling with tiny treefrogs. Literally hundreds, if not thousands of them.

I found it funny to watch people tromp by, oblivious to the thousands of little eyes watching them go by. One gentleman pointed out some moss growing on a tree trunk and advised us that it only grows on the north side. This was while I was in the middle of photographing the frogs, which he did not even notice. I think he may have thought I was taking pictures of the moss.

I planted some coneflowers a few weeks ago and the other day I thought it would be nice to take some pictures of them. They are popular with the local invertebrates.

I thought how cute, a little green spider. But he is rather scary up close!