Jan 23, 2010 by Janine |
We have gone from freezing to frying in the past couple of weeks. I am glad that we are done with the freezing part and hope we don't have any more any time soon!
I went to the allergy doctor for a routine check-up last week and he discovered a sinus infection. That explains why I have been feeling kind of blah lately.
Anyway since I am not getting out very much these days I decided to photograph our lawnmower blenny, Scooter.

Lawnmower blennies are so named because of their ability to rasp algae off of rocks, and in our case, the sides of the aquarium. Here he shows off his specialized mouth.

Hoping I will be feeling better enough to get out and take some photos in the next few days.

Deep Freeze

Jan 12, 2010 by Janine |
We have had record low temperatures in South Florida for the past two weeks. At our house we have had below freezing for several nights. The number of cold days in a row has also surpassed recent records.

My truck thermometer Monday morning as I headed to work

Ice on the car

I have noted significant damage to many tropical plants in the neighborhood, and in our yard. I brought my orchids inside or kept them in a greenhouse, but the palms and other tropical trees are all showing signs of cold burns and will probably lose most of their foliage. On the plus side, its supposed to be gradually warming up and getting into the 80's by the weekend. I can hardly wait!

Cold Front

Jan 05, 2010 by Janine |
Tonight I am sitting at the computer bundled in an electric blanket. It has been unusually cold since the weekend. We have actually had to run the central heating as it gets into the 30's at night. We have had freeze warnings every night since Sunday.
Because of the extremely cold temperatures, manatees have been flocking to warm water refuges, often venturing far inland along canals to try and stay warm. The West Indian manatee inhabits warm tropical waters of Florida. When temperatures drop, hundreds will huddle together in areas of warmer water.

Young manatees are especially sensitive to the cold. Mothers bring their calves to warm up.

Manatees are often dispersed throughout the year, so it is quite rare to see so many in one place. It was a treat to see them and I enjoyed watching them bob around enjoying the warm water.