Hummingbird in the Garden

Apr 24, 2011 by Janine |
I planted a Coral Bean plant specifically to attract hummingbirds. In recent weeks it has been blooming spectacularly and luring lots of hummingbirds to the front garden.

Decisions, decisions

This one looks tasty

So many flowers, so little time

Maybe its sweeter on this side

Nope, it was better over here

We have had lots of songbirds birds around the garden as well. There is a pair of wrens investigating nest sites on our patio, and the resident cardinals are still around. Recently we have been getting lots of bluejays and woodpeckers as well. Yesterday I saw a Brown Thrasher, a first for our yard. As I continue to plant native plants I hope to attract more and more wildlife to the yard.

Happy Easter to all!

Sandhill Crane Family

Apr 03, 2011 by Janine |
An early morning walk around Riverbend Park yesterday morning revealed newly hatched Sandhill Crane chicks.

The parents kept a watchful eye out and fed the chicks regularly.

A tasty morsel being offered.

Summer is on its way. We had temperatures in the 90's last week. The evenings are still quite cool, but they will soon heat up as well. We are also on water restrictions due to lack of rainfall. Let's hope the summery conditions bring some regular rainfall soon.