Here comes the rain again

Jun 30, 2011 by Janine |
The rainy season has started in South Florida. Finally. We have had rain every day for about a week now and the plants are starting to look a lot better.
The resident pair of Cardinals have nested near by and have started bringing their babies to our feeder.

The new salt water tank is settling down nicely. We had a bit of drama at first because of an unwelcome hitchhiker that arrived with some of the live rock or coral that we bought. Within a couple of weeks of setting up the tank, I began noticing the tell-tale clicking sound in the tank, and my hermit crabs started disappearing. We had a mantis shrimp. It is neither mantis, nor shrimp- but it looks like a shrimp and is armed with praying mantis type claws that it uses to stun its prey. They also have excellent eyesight, which makes them difficult to capture. They are actually pretty fascinating creatures, but I didn't want it in my tank because I was afraid for the safety of my small fish and hermit crabs. To make a long story short, we captured the mantis and took him to the local fish store to see if anyone wanted to adopt it as a pet.

Mr. Mantis. He is about the size of my pinky finger.

Summer break

Jun 14, 2011 by Janine |
I am enjoying a week off classes. We have had record breaking heat and drought for the past few weeks. We got some rain (and hail) last night, but today the storms passed us by.

In other news, we recently decided to upgrade our marine tank from a 65 gal setup to a 120 gal. Here are some pics of the tank and some of its occupants.

Ting Tang

Hawksworth the Hawkfish

One of the clowns. Neither of them are named Nemo.


Picasso the tail-spot blenny