Riverbend Owl and other stuff

Jan 27, 2012 by Janine |
Friendly Barred Owl at Riverbend last weekend:

Rich recently bought a new camera so we have been going different places for him to test it out. Busch Wildlife Sanctuary provided some easy subjects, such as this bald eagle that cannot be released due to a damaged wing.

Another good place to test out a camera is Green Cay wetlands in Delray beach. I have ranted about the rude people there before, but I think the problem is getting worse. I had some uncoordinated power walkers blunder into me while snapping a photo. While you're not being physically assaulted, its a great place for experimenting with photography since the birds are close and abundant, but don't expect peaceful enjoyment of nature.

White ibis with hapless leopard frog

Most folks breeze on by and never notice the little Sora rails

I was lucky enough to catch a brown water snake in the background!

Just before the fight

We are back to 80 degree weather here. I hope it does not signal the end of cooler winter temperatures, but at the same time I am glad there has not been a hard freeze this year. Let's hope we make it through March!

Swamp Tales

Jan 20, 2012 by Janine |
Because the cold weather hit us late this year, the plants are all confused. We have ended up with "Autumn in January"

Loxahatchee River

Posh armadillo

Lots of eagle activity at the swamp.

Get outta my airspace!

The Carolina Wrens are singing territorial songs.

Face in the tree.

Deer are easier to spot since the trees are defoliating.

Everglades NP

Jan 14, 2012 by Janine |
It was a chilly morning in the park and the usual suspects were present at Anhinga trail:


Black Vultures

Red-Bellied Sliders

Lots of Gators

Bluebirds at Research Road

A small crocodile that has clamed Eco pond for himself. We were saddened to hear from a park ranger that many of the larger crocs died during the prolonged cold spell last year. We saw a few medium-sized crocs at the marina, as well as a manatee, which was the first time I had seen one there.

Another great day in the glades!


Jan 02, 2012 by Janine |
Happy New Year to all! Can't believe 2012 is here.

It has been so nice being off of school for a few weeks, I remember what it is like to have a life again! We both also had a short break from work, which was great because we got to do a lot of hiking and nature watching.

Lots of birds in the yard

We have also spent many hours exploring Riverbend park and the surrounding trails.

Red Shouldered Hawks are abundant

There are several families of deer that inhabit the park.

The Monarch of the Glen

He is a great poser and stayed for many pics. I was concerned that he might be aggressive toward us but it turned out he had other things on his mind.

The object of his affection

Once he found her, he gave chase! We left them to it.

Back to work tomorrow! Luckily I still have another week off school so I will enjoy my last moments of relative freedom! We are also preparing for our first freeze of the winter here in S. Florida after a warm Christmas holiday.