The end is in sight

Feb 14, 2012 by Janine |
Happy Valentines Day to All!

Only three more classes until the MBA is finished! Well, three more classes plus a concurrent research/thesis project. I've got big plans for when it is finished, including relaunching this blog and perhaps starting a second blog to discuss my newly found interest in cooking. It will be wonderful to have free time to do things again.

This little cardinal has taken up residence on our patio. It is nice to see her each day when I get home.

I was out and about the other day and noticed this hawk fly down and pounce on something. It flew back to its perch with something in its beak. It was not until I got the pictures up on the screen that I realized it was a grasshopper. Don't think I have ever seen a red-shouldered hawk eat an insect before!

Anyway you may not see me very much for the next four months but I will be thinking of you all and looking forward to getting out and taking pictures again!