Jun 26, 2012 by Janine |
18 months of horror are over and I now have my MBA! Friends, family, and coworkers have been very supportive and have celebrated with me over the past few weeks.

Two weeks ago, the journey began in Denver for a work-related trip. No DSLR accompanied me on the trip, but I think the little Sony did a great job! I saw a new bird, Lark Bunting, the state bird of Colorado.


From there it was on to Portland, OR for the graduation festivities. But first, a hike up Multnomah falls. I visited there last year but did not hike up to the top.

After that it was a mad dash to get to campus in time for the pre-commencement hooding ceremony!

Marylhurst University

It was great to meet my fellow students, since we have been working together for a year and a half over phone and email. The graduation ceremony was very nice, especially the bagpipe players that led the final procession.

After graduation I had two days back in FL to catch my breath, and then off to Toronto for a business meeting. It was my first time visiting Canada and I really enjoyed it.

CN Tower of Toronto's famous skyline

Another view

The city has great architecture and is a fascinating mix of historic and modern design. I was intrigued by the gargoyles that peered out from the city hall.

My colleague and I arrived in the midst of a heat wave. The temperature was in the mid 90's and broke records. Coming from Florida it did not faze us, but we were disappointed that we didn't get a break from the heat! And we were amused by the "cooling stations" set up all over the city.

They have really big woodpeckers in Canada.

Best of all was the availability of lots of great food, wine and cider. Especially Pear cider, or Perry, which I have yet to find here in the States.

A quick stroll through the Historic District before dinner provided some interesting sculpture.

So that's the end of the whirlwind. I'll be home for a while, as far as I know. Got a lot of things to catch up with around the house, as well as some other projects I have in mind. I even created a Facebook page, can you believe that. So until I figure out how to set up a better blog comment moderation system, feel free to drop me a note on there!

Mixed bunch

Jun 02, 2012 by Janine |
Some shots from the past few weeks.

Avocet at Canaveral

Riverbend Peacock


Black racer in typical pose

What's for dinner? Spiders.

The graduation countdown is on... two weeks left...