Jul 31, 2012 by Janine |
Went to Juno pier the other night and watched huge snook swimming amongst clouds of baitfish. The birds got in on the feeding frenzy too!


Terns were also abundant.

Its nice living close to the beach! Wish I had time to enjoy it more!

Catching Up

Jul 28, 2012 by Janine |
Many people have been asking me what I am doing with all of my free time, now that I am done with the MBA.
My response is always the same, "What free time?"
I've been compiling a to-do list for the past year and a half, and I am just getting started!
Lots of projects in progress around the house, including redecorating the kitchen, and doing some landscaping in the yard. Lots of interesting projects at work too, so there is more than enough going on to ward off any of this "free time" that I keep hearing about. There have been challenges as well, but I find it best not to dwell on these things, and instead focus on meaningful and positive change.

Looking forward to the fall when the birds are back and I'll have more opportunities for photography.
For now, here are some shots from the past few weeks.

This baby rabbit has taken up residence in our porch. We see him every evening.

Giant bee at Riverbend

Fungus and snail

Downy woodpeckers in the front yard

A white passionflower in the yard, the first time I have seen this.

Interesting spider web