Local hangouts

Apr 07, 2013 by Janine |
Clinging to the last remnants of spring before the real heat begins! Spent some time in the yard the other day and noticed some swallow-tailed kites circing above. Suddenly one of them veered down toward our mango tree and tore off a leaf! I thought it very strange, but figured that they might be collecting nesting material.

The bird continued to circle and I noticed it nipping at the leaf while in flight.

On its next pass overhead I realized what it was doing. Frog legs for supper!

I got some other shots in better light. They are beautiful birds.

Noticing more alligators at Riverbend too. This little guy was relaxing just off the walking path.

This little ribbon snake almost got run over by some bicyclists, but they saw him just in time.

Our clownfish have adopted one of our corals as an anemone surrogate. The coral does not seem to mind.

Mr. Jawfish