Cape May, NJ

Sep 28, 2013 by Janine |
I attended a workshop and meeting in Cape May, New Jersey last week. Was pretty busy but I managed to get out in the evening for some "birding." I brought zero gear with me except the little sony point and shoot. But I continue to be impressed with it... it is hard to justify lugging around the DSLR these days, especially when flying.

Cape May Lighthouse Park

It was nice to see hummingbirds again. They should be making their way down to Florida soon.

My first muskrat

I was so happy to see painted turtles in the wild. There was a pair foraging near a small bridge over the marsh.

Upon closer inspection, I realized what they were eating. A massive snapping turtle carcass. Turtle cannibalism.

Sunset brought beautiful color

I was in Oklahoma City the week before. Not much opportunity for birding so had to be content with playing around with the night mode on the phone camera. I was pleased with the results.

That's all for now!