Thanksgiving 2013

Nov 28, 2013 by Janine |
Turkeys at dusk

Painted Buntings

Yesterday there were three males! A nice thanksgiving gift.

I was playing around with the camera the other day and took some shots of the marine fish.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Vultures in the Mist

Nov 15, 2013 by Janine |
Some shots from an early morning walk in central Florida

There was also a turkey in the mist. Its strange to see a turkey up a tree.

The day before, I was stuck inside working, and it was like this.

Watchful racer


After that, I headed to Canada for some meetings. Got my first look at Lake Huron, in the distance at least.

Lots of snow

Cold Beer

Home in S. FLorida, the fall colors are showing, such as they are. A tree full of cormorants.

And herons.

Spotted this barred owl right at dusk

This fellow kept me company this afternoon.