Three Hummingbirds!

Feb 22, 2014 by Janine |
I've got two males and a female visiting the garden now.

The female doesn't use the feeder but both males do. The males used to spend all day fighting but now they seem to tolerate each other.

The rabbits visit every evening, just before dark. They come right up to the window and munch on my wildflowers.

Flocks of robins gather in the garden in the evenings as well. I think they are fattening up for their trip north.

Birds are on the move all over. Whistling duck flyover at Riverbend:

Here's a video of the three males on the feeder:

There are also two pairs of cardinals . They seem to have divided up the territory; one pair lives in the front yard and one in the back. It would be nice if they both nested nearby, but they fight over the bird feeders. Once the hummingbirds leave for the summer I will put another feeder out front for them.

It's been warm again this week. Looking forward to seeing more snakes! Might go check out some of my favorite snakey places soon.

Hummingbird, Nawlins, Metal

Feb 03, 2014 by Janine |
It has been an eventful week. First, I finally got some photos of the hummingbird visiting the feeder.

And video!

The painted bunting was drinking water out of the "ant moat." Guess he is telling me that he wants another birdbath!

The alpha anole

Next, I was in New Orleans for Winter Storm Leon. These shots were taken before the city was shut down.

Finally, I saw a couple of metal shows in Ft. Lauderdale.


Amon Amarth

Atrocity/Leaves Eyes


It has been in the 80's in FL since I got back. Hopefully we will have just a little bit more cool weather before the summer begins!