Birds at home, Winnipeg

Oct 28, 2015 by Janine |
More and more painted buntings and hummingbirds are arriving every day. We spotted one with color bands this weekend. The coloring of the right band indicates that it was banded in North Carolina. I submitted a band report, and hopefully will get more information on this bird!

Drinking out of the ant moat on the hummingbird feeder

Baleful gaze

This little traveler emerged from a burrow in the garden. Was shy for the camera but eventually ambled off into the shrubs.

Stopped by Green Cay wetlands to see the Reddish Egret. It is unusual to see one so far inland in a freshwater marsh, they are normally found in coastal or brackish environments.

Spoonbill sitting pretty


Cooperative red-bellied woodpecker

Green Heron

Snapshots from a recent trip to Winnipeg

Visited the Assiniboine zoo with colleagues.

Winter warblers are starting to arrive in S. Florida. With the weather improving, I plan on getting out and taking more pics soon!

Canada and yard birds

Oct 18, 2015 by Janine |
Spent some time in Toronto recently and got to experience some lovely fall weather

At home, lots of birds around.

Carolina wren


Painted Buntings