Corkscrew Swamp, Hummingbirds, and Buntings

Jan 31, 2016 by Janine |
Stopped by Corkscrew Swamp last week. It was dark and drizzly, which made for interesting photography.

Birds were active, even with the occasional downpour

Tufted titmouse


Carolina Wren

Black and white warbler. I couldn't decide which shot I liked better.

King of the swamp

A sneaky cottonmouth

At home, lots of hummingbirds, painted buntings, and goldfinches. We went from 2 goldfinches, to 6, to 30+ in a week!

The hummingbirds love the pink salvia flowers. The cultivar is called "Wendy's Wish." These shots were from very early on a chilly morning. This gives them a dreamy quality that I like.

The banded female painted bunting, "Miss Bracelets", is still visiting.

Mirror image

Invasion of the Goldfinches

Jan 24, 2016 by Janine |
This week we had our first chill of the season, which brought some new birds to the feeder.

Six American Goldfinches (and a female painted bunting)

Another new visitor, Indigo Bunting

Chilly weather brings interesting clouds

I also found out that blue jays eat frogs!

Birds through the scope

Jan 17, 2016 by Janine |
I've been having loads of fun with the spotting scope and cell phone setup. It is a bit finicky to get set up exactly right, but once it is, the results are surprisingly good!

The red-bellied woodpecker has learned how to feed from the cage feeders.


Brown Thrasher

Female Cardinal

Painted Buntings

I left the scope vignette on this one, this is the view on the screen through the adapter.


Yesterday we had a first for the garden, a goldfinch! Would be nice if they were in their bright summer colors when they visited Florida. I guess Painted Buntings are colorful enough!

Baby rabbits are showing up too

The Black Bead is flowering and attracting loads of bees

Grumpy Southern Toad