Spring becomes Summer

Mar 17, 2016 by Janine |
We had our two weeks of spring in South Florida and now we are heading straight into Summer. The birds are gearing up for the journey north.

Goldfinch pool party

Painted buntings are spending less time at the feeders and more time seemingly foraging for insects. I still have my banded female, but I am noticing some new birds that must be visitors stopping off on their journey north.

The hummingbirds are feeding up too. There is a pair that has stayed through the winter. They are the only two I have seen that tolerate each other's presence at the feeder.

A new visitor the the garden, a flying squirrel! The only squirrel that I will tolerate at my birdfeeders :)

We had a great view of the Space-X launch a couple of weeks ago- soaring over the majestic Jupiter Lighthouse!

I've got loads of photos from some recent birding trips. I'll probably work on those more as it gets hotter and my birds leave. It is always kind of sad when they go, but it gives me something to look forward to for when they come back!