Generation Axe, garden birds

Apr 22, 2016 by Janine |
Last night we went up to Orlando to see the Generation Axe tour featuring Steve Vai, Zakk Wylde, Yngwie Malmsteen, Nuno Bettencourt, and Tosin Abasi. It was unreal.

Back home, the bunting activity is slowing down.

The coral bean in all its splendor.

Both screech owls have been seen in the nest box! Hope they are settling in to raise a family.

Riverbend sightings

Night Birds and War Birds

Apr 16, 2016 by Janine |
The screech owl has claimed the nest box full time. We've also seen a 2nd owl visiting, so hopefully they are planning to nest.

The barred owls at Riverbend have had a good year. There are several families with owlets.

The parents are always close by.

The red-shouldered hawks also have babies.

A flock of cedar waxwings stopped in to gobble up ficus berries on their way north.

Star rush

Earlier this month, we went to the Melbourne air and space show. The weather was not great, but I thought it added some unique atmosphere to the show.

Crazy stunts

Breitling jet team

My favorite, and the last jet before the show ended early and the storm rolled in. De Havilland Vampire.

In bird news, the hummingbirds have all gone. There are still some goldfinches passing through, and a few painted buntings are still here. Including the banded female.

Whoo's in the nest box?

Apr 03, 2016 by Janine |
The woodpeckers were the first to show interest.

Next, a red-shouldered hawk decided that it made a nice perch.

This past week, we have noticed that a screech owl has taken up residence.

The majority of the goldfinches have gone for the season. There are still a few stragglers.

Painted buntings still here

Disapproving rabbit

The cardinals are pairing off and building nests

Some shots from a trip to ARM Loxahatchee NWR last month:

Great horned owls

Roseate spoonbill



Purple gallinule


Pileated woodpecker. Luckily this isn't my car :)

Sunset with limpkin