Baby Cardinals and Everglades

Jul 16, 2016 by Janine |
Rainy afternoon cardinals:

A great-crested flycatcher sunbathing

Giant swallowtail

White-tailed kites at Everglades National Park. No panthers this trip, but the kites made up for it!

White phase great blue heron

Twilight ospreys. Dramatic skies with a thunderstorm moving in.

Swimming crab

As above, so below

WA and CO

Jul 02, 2016 by Janine |
I stayed in La Conner for the 2nd half of the trip to Washington. Stayed in a quiet little B&B with lots of hummingbirds. My room was right near the hummingbird feeders so I could hear them buzzing and chattering out the window, which was nice.

Did some hiking at Deception Pass. It was a lovely cool and sunny day.

Pigeon Guillemot, a first for me!

Bald eagles were numerous

White-crowned sparrow

The rest of the trip was a bit rainy, but still cool and refreshing.

Banana slug

I was also in Colorado a few weeks ago. Visited Golden for dinner one night and was surprised to see the river was quite high.


Stopped by the Colorado Cider tasting room in Denver. So many ciders, so little time!

Back home now, enjoying our heat and humidity. It won't be long before the hummingbirds are back!