Goldfinch invasion

Jan 29, 2017 by Janine |
The goldfinches are following a similar pattern as last year. We started with three at the beginning of the month. 3 became 6, which became 18, and now I estimate that we have 60+ visiting daily. They are funny to watch as they swarm the feeders.

Another unusual visitor, a ruby-crowned kinglet.

The female black-throated blue warbler is still skulking around.

Brown Thrasher in the bath

Red-shouldered hawks

My "citrus grove" is coming along nicely. I am even getting some fruit!

In other news, we replaced the old wooden owl box that was destroyed by the pileated woodpeckers. The new box is plastic and is wired with an infrared camera. We have seen a screech owl investigating the box this week. Hopefully they decide to nest again this year!