Jupiter Ridge, Garden Birds

Mar 19, 2017 by Janine |
Took advantage of this week's cool front to visit Jupiter Ridge, a nice chunk of coastal scrub habitat.

Florida Scrub Jay, our only endemic bird

Another creatively named creature, the Scrub Lizard

Gopher tortoise

Zebra swallowtail caterpillar

Lots of bird action in the garden. Painted buntings still here.

Sunbathing brown thrashers

Northern flicker

Giant swallowtail

And in screech owl news, there are two eggs!

I've set up a twitter for her, and just to post nice wildlife things in general. Check it out @janineimages

Birdy week

Mar 12, 2017 by Janine |
It's been an active week in the garden.

The goldfinches are starting to turn bright yellow. It is lovely to hear them all chattering and fussing amongst themselves.

Painted buntings also getting more colorful and more vociferous.

Cardinals pairing up

The screech owl is spending more time in the box

Riverbend park has also been more birdy lately

Barred owl

Sandhill Cranes

Sneaky raccoon

Another "bird" sighting from last week!

Some Riverbend sunsets