Hummingbirds and Hurricanes

Sep 30, 2017 by Janine |
Our first hummingbirds arrived over Labor Day weekend, the week before Hurricane Irma. We had a pulse of migrant activity that weekend that also included ovenbird, red-eyed vireo, blue-gray gnatcatcher, magnolia warbler, and american redstart.

A pair of red-shouldered hawks were attracted by all the activity

So was a black racer. The birds were too quick so he had to settle for a treefrog.

The storm wasn't too bad for us in Palm Beach. Had some trees down and some minor flooding but nothing terrible. We did see some unusual insects after the storm, such as this nasty looking carpenter bee.

A mockingbird snagged a preying mantis once the winds died down

The hummingbirds were back immediately. The storm blew away most of the flowers so they swarmed my feeders. It is unusual to see more than one on the feeder at a time. Normally they aggressively chase each other away. But in the days following the storm, they tolerated each other. Barely!

The Arlo cams have been great at capturing them while we were busy with storm recovery.

Here's a clip of the "barely tolerating" each other from the Arlo.

I have never had this many hummingbirds in the yard. Many have moved on in the weeks after the storm, but we still have several at any one time.

Other recent visitors include Baltimore oriole and yellow- throated warbler

Looking forward to the arrival of the painted buntings! They usually arrive in early October.