Christmas in the Glades

Dec 29, 2010 by Janine
We spent Christmas Eve at Everglades National Park to celebrate our anniversary. Fearing holiday traffic on the highway, we set out before dark and arrived just after the sunrise. The cold and wind kept all but the most hardcore photogs away... one fellow was in shorts and a T-shirt!

Golden dawn light on a cormorant


There were plenty of vultures at the Anhinga trail. We guessed that they were hanging around to pick off the stunned fish as the temperatures dropped.

I have not heard reports of massive fish kills like the ones that we had in January of this year, but this week we had the third freeze of this winter. Either way, we did not see any of the invasive exotic (mostly tropical) fish that are normally seen at the trail, so perhaps their numbers had been reduced by the January freeze. Or maybe the vultures have done a good job of cleaning up :)

This alligator is another member of the clean up crew.

Eco pond was quiet, as usual. It has still not recovered from Hurricane Wilma in 2005. There was, however, one new resident, an American crocodile.

Mr. Toothyface

Sentinel kestrel

Belted Kingfisher

As I mentioned, we have had 3 freezes already this December. I think I really need to invest in a proper ice scraper.

Wishing a safe, happy, and joyous New Year to all!


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