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Mar 28, 2014 by Janine
Just got back from Canada. I was lucky enough to see what they hope was their last snow of the season! It was pretty chilly.


Field Work

After that, I was on the US side of Niagara falls and found a nice place to pull over for some phone calls. The gorge was beautiful. And because it was warming up, chunks of ice would crash down every so often.

This squirrel kept harassing me though, he would scratch scratch scratch on the car while I was on the phone! Luckily he moved on eventually.

Last week I was back in New Orleans for an industry seminar. It was great to see the city in full swing!

I spent a morning exploring the Garden District.

Tour of Lafayette Cemetery #1

This symbol was particularly meaningful for me. Time has certainly been flying by lately. It was a reminder to make time to enjoy the moment.

We've also had a few different hummingbirds stop by. Most recently, a young male I named Mr. Scruffbag because of all his pinfeathers. They really like the flowers of the Coral Bean.

Another interesting visitor, an immature male Indigo Bunting.

I'm slowly going through the vacation pics, will get those up here soon!


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