Jul 05, 2015 by Janine
Visited Maine for work a couple of weeks ago. It was a busy trip but it was so good to get some fresh cool air for a change! Florida has been oppressive lately. It seems like we went from April straight into August!

Eider family

Phoebe and fledgling

Lots of ospreys

So green

I also went on an evening cruise to see puffins! The weather was perfect.

The tour went out to Egg Island, which is an Audubon seabird sanctuary. The researchers were out there counting nests while we circled the island from a safe distance.

Lots of guillemots and eiders

Puffins were diving for fish and then heading back to the island to feed their chicks.

In this picture you can see two puffin decoys and a real puffin coming in for a landing!

Our last puffin view before heading back

On my way home, I snapped a few pics of NYC. I normally don't connect through there, so it was interesting to see.

Still catching up on some pics I took around FL. Until next time!


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