Turtle Friend and Walla Walla

Nov 12, 2016 by Janine
A box turtle wandered through the garden this week. I love seeing them ambling along.

Black throated blue warbler from a couple of weeks ago.

Visited Walla Walla earlier this fall. Just now getting around to pics!

Great blue heron with frog legs for dinner

Another turtle friend, a western painted turtle

California quail

Western scrub jay flyover

A flock of young cedar waxwings decimated these elderberry bushes.

Early morning mule deer

Kingfisher flyover

Palouse Falls, the official state waterfall of Washington

A closer look at the sunflowers revealed this miniature drama unfolding.

I wondered if the spider was planning to try and grab the bee, or if it was waiting for smaller prey. Eventually the bee flew off and left the spider to it.


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