The goldfinches are back

Nov 26, 2016 by Janine
We've had some interesting birds pass though this week. A flock of robins flew over on Thanksgiving, and we've got 4 American goldfinches visiting the feeder. Here are 3 of them.

Hummingbirds never seem to cooperate by feeding from these flowers in the bright sunlight! It is always in the evening.


Eastern phoebe. He likes sitting on this bat and looking for insects.

Speaking of bats, I've got a new bat detector that auto-detects bat species from their echo location calls. We have been astonished with the diversity of bats just in our garden- according to the detector we have Hoary Bats, Eastern Red Bat, Brazilian Free Tails, Evening Bats, and Big Brown Bat. The only one I have actually seen is the Hoary bat, because it is a large bat and it often flies around our yard at dusk. The smaller bats tend to wait until it is dark, so I've only "seen" them through the bat detector. There are certainly enough mosquitoes for them to eat!

A new visitor to the garden also arrived this week, a blue-headed vireo.

Supermoon from earlier this month


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