Birdy Days

Apr 08, 2017 by Janine
Migration is picking up. The swarms of goldfinches have moved north. I have a few stragglers left, but they are not as colorful as these males from last week. Note the Northern Parula checking out the action.

Most of the hummingbirds have moved on as well. I have at least one still visiting the coral bean.

The screech owl (aka "The Princess") is incubating her eggs

A hooded warbler arrived yesterday.

This morning, there was a varied palette of birds in the garden: painted bunting, indigo bunting, and cardinals.

I've got more of The Princess and the buntings on my twitter too, check them out @janineimages

I got carried away with the saturate tool on this one, but really liked the effect that the flowers made in the foreground.

My fragrant dendrobium orchid is also in bloom!

Biggest sphinx moth I've ever seen!

A quiet evening at Riverbend


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