May 30, 2007 by Janine
The blue jay is growing up so fast! Will post pics later this week- photoshop is acting up and creating abstract art out of my photos.

There really have not been many bugs around my garden lately. I suspect the recent drought and high winds have something to do with it. At least we are blissfully free of mosquitoes. The downside is that there are not many dragonflies to photograph- I was surprised to see one in the garden on Monday.

Elsewhere in Florida, love bug season is in full swing. I hate it when they splat on the windscreen but are still alive and their legs are wriggling but their body is mush. According to Wikipedia, there is a correlation between love bug abundance and Florida hurricane season- highly abundant love bugs predicts a very active hurricane season. Let's hope not. Although we could use the rain.

Anyway, here are a couple of photos from last weekend until i sort out the photoshop weirdness.


ive got my eye on you


Jun 03, 2007, 01:04:21 oldcrow wrote:

Fabulous photos. Our mosquito and black fly season will soon be starting I expect.

Jun 03, 2007, 13:47:47 Pete wrote:

lovely photo minx

Jun 03, 2007, 17:19:09 Janine wrote:

Thanks Pete and OC!
I did get a couple of mosquito bites this evening so looks like skeeter season is underway here as well. Joy!

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