Sanibel, other sightings

Dec 22, 2017 by Janine
We went to Sanibel over Thanksgiving for our annual chill-out. As always, it was very relaxing.

Bad hair day for this reddish egret

Sitting pretty

Evening herons

Tree crab

At home, we had a new visitor to the garden, a Least Flycatcher.


Lots of Atala butterflies

In metal news, we saw Devin Townsend a few weeks ago. I was totally blown away by it. We also went to the Rock and Roll Ribs anniversary party with a friend and saw Nicko McBrain's Iron Maiden cover band. Nicko was great as always. He takes the time to do a meet and greet with everyone at the end of the evening, which is really nice.

Did some field inspections for work last week and saw some cool wildlife.

Immature bald eagle and red shouldered hawk

Diamondback rattlesnake

It was nice to get out in the field again! Looking forward to seeing some different birds over the holiday break.


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