California trip

Feb 03, 2018 by Janine
Rich and I went out west to see some shows on the latest leg of Yngwie Malmsteen's World on Fire tour. It was awesome!!!

Santa Monica

Visited the Rock N Roll walk of fame in LA

So that is why Steve Vai plays guitar so well ;)

Hiking around Malibu. We saw lots of wildlife and a bikini model on a photo shoot.

Was fun exploring the tide pools. We were also treated to a fly-by by some WWII fighters and saw some whales blowing far in the distance!

The concerts were amazing. Definitely worth the trip!

The guitar toss!

The band sounded great too and had a really good energy on stage. Was so much fun to meet up with some familiar faces.

We asked Yngwie if he was planning to tour again soon and he said yes! Hoping we don't have to travel so far next time! It was overwhelming because over the course of 7 days we saw 2 Yngwie shows and G3 in Ft. Lauderdale!!! G3 pics to come soon. Gonna get some rest now! :D


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