Screech owls and other garden birds

Mar 11, 2018 by Janine
It has been a busy week for the owls! Three eggs have been laid so far.

We got a good look at the female in daylight and realized that she is not the same bird from the past two years. The last female was more of a reddish brown color, and only laid two eggs each season.

We have no idea if it is the same male from last year. He doesn't spend much time in the box and we only get quick glimpses of him transporting food.

Other birds have also been abundant. We are nearing "peak goldfinch" because they are swarming all around the yard. We have a flock of at least 50 that visit. I think there are probably more .

All the activity attracts the attention of predators. The red-shouldered hawks nest up the road and are taking advantage of the food source to feed their chicks. This little goldfinch was a bit too slow.

The other usual suspects are still around. Fewer hummingbirds lately, but more painted buntings and warblers.


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