Sea Turtles

Oct 11, 2007 by Janine
Last week I visited the Loggerhead Marine Life Center of Juno Beach, a rescue/rehabilitation facility for sea turtles. There were some sick/injured juvenile and adult turtles recuperating from their injuries, as well as a tank of hatchlings that had been found on local beaches. Unless the hatchlings are sick or injured, they are usually released within a few weeks.

They also have educational programs and a gift shop that I could easily have spent a few hundred dollars in- they have every type of sea turtle paraphernalia you could ever want. Its a great little place and I can't wait to go back and visit with the baby turtles.

Loggerhead SeaTurtle, Caretta caretta

Loggerhead SeaTurtle, Caretta caretta

Green Turtle, Chelonia mydas


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