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Jupiter Ridge, Garden Birds

Mar 19, 2017 by Janine |
Took advantage of this week's cool front to visit Jupiter Ridge, a nice chunk of coastal scrub habitat.

Florida Scrub Jay, our only endemic bird

Another creatively named creature, the Scrub Lizard

Gopher tortoise

Zebra swallowtail caterpillar

Lots of bird action in the garden. Painted buntings still here.

Sunbathing brown thrashers

Northern flicker

Giant swallowtail

And in screech owl news, there are two eggs!

I've set up a twitter for her, and just to post nice wildlife things in general. Check it out @janineimages

Birdy week

Mar 12, 2017 by Janine |
It's been an active week in the garden.

The goldfinches are starting to turn bright yellow. It is lovely to hear them all chattering and fussing amongst themselves.

Painted buntings also getting more colorful and more vociferous.

Cardinals pairing up

The screech owl is spending more time in the box

Riverbend park has also been more birdy lately

Barred owl

Sandhill Cranes

Sneaky raccoon

Another "bird" sighting from last week!

Some Riverbend sunsets

Bathtime in the garden, Manatees, Screech Owl

Feb 11, 2017 by Janine |
It has been hot this week, and the bird baths are quite popular.

Yellow throated warbler

Yellow rumped warbler with goldfinches

Video of robins, goldfinches, buntings, and others enjoying the bird baths:

Other unusual visitors:

Northern Flicker

Northern Parula

We did have a cool front a couple of weeks ago, which brought in the manatees. Got these shots at the Manatee Lagoon in Riviera Beach.

Lastly, the screech owl has continued to check out the nest box every few nights. Here she is testing out the bedding. I hope it is to her liking!

She has been back several times since, so we are hoping that she is planning to nest here.

Goldfinch invasion

Jan 29, 2017 by Janine |
The goldfinches are following a similar pattern as last year. We started with three at the beginning of the month. 3 became 6, which became 18, and now I estimate that we have 60+ visiting daily. They are funny to watch as they swarm the feeders.

Another unusual visitor, a ruby-crowned kinglet.

The female black-throated blue warbler is still skulking around.

Brown Thrasher in the bath

Red-shouldered hawks

My "citrus grove" is coming along nicely. I am even getting some fruit!

In other news, we replaced the old wooden owl box that was destroyed by the pileated woodpeckers. The new box is plastic and is wired with an infrared camera. We have seen a screech owl investigating the box this week. Hopefully they decide to nest again this year!

Birding and relaxing in Sanibel

Dec 22, 2016 by Janine |
Sanibel sunsets are the best

Nice and relaxing

Time for a nice bubble bath afterward

Lots of shorebirds.


Piping Plover

Snowy Plover (reported to USGS- will be interested to learn where it was banded originally)


A rainy drive around Ding Darling found this Yellow Crowned Night Heron.

A little blue caught a shrimp

We were supposed to take a romantic sunset cruise but the weather put a stop to that. So we ended up going out the next morning and saw lots of birds and dolphins!

Nice to be back home. Although, I have a to-do list a mile long, so it doesn't really feel like a holiday!

Have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year!

Steve Vai, Garden Birds

Dec 05, 2016 by Janine |
Last week we saw Steve Vai with VIP access. It was a wonderful experience to meet Steve and the band & crew.

Q&A with Steve. "Some kind of sorcerer"

We also got to roam around on the stage before the show

The show was amazing. Especially the surprise bit of "audience participation" at the end! ;)

After that excitement, it was nice to relax with the birds in the garden. The painted buntings have been steadily increasing in number.

Bath time

"The Waiting Stick." Each bird patiently awaits their turn in the bath.

Except for the male cardinal, of course.

The goldfinches are back

Nov 26, 2016 by Janine |
We've had some interesting birds pass though this week. A flock of robins flew over on Thanksgiving, and we've got 4 American goldfinches visiting the feeder. Here are 3 of them.

Hummingbirds never seem to cooperate by feeding from these flowers in the bright sunlight! It is always in the evening.


Eastern phoebe. He likes sitting on this bat and looking for insects.

Speaking of bats, I've got a new bat detector that auto-detects bat species from their echo location calls. We have been astonished with the diversity of bats just in our garden- according to the detector we have Hoary Bats, Eastern Red Bat, Brazilian Free Tails, Evening Bats, and Big Brown Bat. The only one I have actually seen is the Hoary bat, because it is a large bat and it often flies around our yard at dusk. The smaller bats tend to wait until it is dark, so I've only "seen" them through the bat detector. There are certainly enough mosquitoes for them to eat!

A new visitor to the garden also arrived this week, a blue-headed vireo.

Supermoon from earlier this month

Turtle Friend and Walla Walla

Nov 12, 2016 by Janine |
A box turtle wandered through the garden this week. I love seeing them ambling along.

Black throated blue warbler from a couple of weeks ago.

Visited Walla Walla earlier this fall. Just now getting around to pics!

Great blue heron with frog legs for dinner

Another turtle friend, a western painted turtle

California quail

Western scrub jay flyover

A flock of young cedar waxwings decimated these elderberry bushes.

Early morning mule deer

Kingfisher flyover

Palouse Falls, the official state waterfall of Washington

A closer look at the sunflowers revealed this miniature drama unfolding.

I wondered if the spider was planning to try and grab the bee, or if it was waiting for smaller prey. Eventually the bee flew off and left the spider to it.

San Antonio, garden birds

Oct 24, 2016 by Janine |
It has been a busy few weeks. Luckily we were spared the worst of Hurricane Matthew and only had some minor tree damage. We had the birdfeeders back out at dawn immediately after the storm passed. Since then I've picked up a few more painted buntings, as well as had some other migrants pass through.

Rose-breasted grosbeak

Northern parula

Red eyed vireo

Black throated blue warbler male

And female. All of the warblers have been enjoying these rouge berries.

Eastern Phoebe

Female Scarlet Tanager

Ruby throated hummingbird

Our wildlife cams have been catching plenty of interesting visitors.

By day: Catbird, Ovenbird, Cardinal, and Carolina wren

By night: Raccoons, Opossum with baby in pouch, Armadillo, and a pre-dawn Ovenbird

It has been a lot of fun watching what goes on in the garden when we are not looking!

Last week I was in San Antonio for a conference. Flying out of Palm Beach, I got a nice view of all the runoff stormwater draining offshore.

The Alamo

Market Square, the largest Mexican market in the US.

The highlight of the trip was the Bracken bat cave, home to millions of bats! It was amazing to watch them emerge at dusk. I had visited last spring, but this was much more impressive since there were many more fall migrant bats present.

We've also had our first cool front pass through in Florida, which has been a delight.

Before the storm

Oct 06, 2016 by Janine |
Hurricane Matthew is heading for South Florida this evening. Thought I'd get one more blog in before going offline for a while!

Bird activity has picked up in the last few days. We had our first painted buntings arrive a couple of days ago.

Hummingbirds have been arriving steadily

New one for the yard, Swainson's Thrush

Ovenbird bathing

Wren showering

Sentinel mockingbird

The local pileated woodpeckers have been taking an interest in the owl box. This one decided to widen the entrance hole enough so that it could fit inside. I don't know why since I doubt that the box is large enough for them to nest in. Guess I will have to look into reinforcing the entrance before the owls come back!

To those in Matthew's path... stay safe!